In September SMCC adopted Cricket Australia's policy for Returning to Train and to Play. Sam Johnston and Ben DeAraugo were named as Covid Safety Officers. Sam and Ben have worked diligently to have the playing staff and committee aware of their responibilities and the followup actions needed for the club to be able to train/play safely and within the adopted protocols.

Excerpt from the Return to Train/Play policy adopted by SMCC:


As a club we are fully committed to providing a safe environment for members of our club (volunteers, players, families, spectators) and the wider community and are committed to providing quality practices in line with guidance available from Sport Australia, Cricket Australia, Cricket Victoria, our local council, the Victorian State Government / Department of Health & Human Services and other relevant authorities applicable to our club. We acknowledge that Cricket in a pandemic is a privilege, not a right. We all need to ensure we are all doing the right thing to ensure the safety of players, volunteers, officials and the local community.

We also acknowledge the key dates outlined within the Victorian State Government’s Roadmap for re-opening will be followed as we undertake cricket activities during the 2020/21 season and we commit to adhering to the latest advice from Cricket Victoria, the Victorian State Government and the Department of Health & Human Services in this regard.

It is important for Cricket Associations and Clubs to lead and promote a strong culture of COVID-19 safety for the health and wellbeing of participants and the broader community as any breaches could have ramifications for members of the community and the continuation of the season.


  • Reducing the spread of COVID-19;

  • Promoting good hygiene practices amongst players and officials;

  • Adhering and promoting the State Government Requirements around social distancing, and gatherings; and

  • Following the clear protocols and requirements around returning to train & play.

Associations and Clubs affiliated through to Cricket Victoria agree to be respectful in adhering to the protocols outlined as part of the Return to Train & Play Guidelines as they form part of the current Government directions, and strong cricket sanctions can be applied to individuals and to clubs if they are in breach, in addition to any penalties applied by Government authorities.