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Hall of Fame

IHOFameLogon the 2018/19 Season, Strathdale-Maristians Cricket Club instituted the Hall of Fame to honour the greats of our club.

The criteria for entry into the Hall of Fame was:

Batsmen - Minimum 4,000 runs   
Bowlers - Minimum 275 Wickets   
All Rounders - Minimum 2000 runs & 200 Wickets   
WicketKeepers - Minimum 150 dismissals

Inaugural Inductees:


HOF Shane Higgins HOF Kevin Crawford HOF Gerard Sheehan
HOF John Neylon HOF Ben Irwin
Shane Higgins 
Screen Shot 2019 02 04 at 9.44.27 pm
3142 at 29.36
200 at 15.39
Highest Score
137 no
Best Bowling

Kevin Crawford
Matches 242 BangerCrawford
Runs 7010 at 27.17
Wickets 43 at 25.26
Highest Score 169
Best Bowling 3/33
Catches 130


Gerard Sheehan 
Matches 237 GerardSheehan
Runs 4156 at 22.84
Wickets 79 at 21.49
Highest Score 123 no
Best Bowling 4/49
Catches 80
John Neylon 
Matches 148 JohnNeylon
Runs 4579 at 33.92
Wickets 302 at 17.90
Highest Score 128
Best Bowling 7/55
Catches 72
Ben Irwin 
Matches 144 Boppa
Runs 1932 at 21.47
Wickets 279 at 20.30
Highest Score 105 no
Best Bowling 7/56
Catches 47

BDCA Awards

The club has decided to recognise all the BDCA awards given to individuals and the club, inspired by the elevation of John Neylon and Andrew Price into the BDCA Hall of Fame in 2017.


A history of the Strathdale-Maristians Cricket Club, titled “Rising Suns” was written and published by local cricket historian Darren Rodda.

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Life Members

The great traditions of our club include a long list of Life Members. They are all listed here along with a description of why they were elevated to this exalted position.

We thank the individuals below for the significant contribution they have made to our club.

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