Strathdale-Maristians Cricket Club

All Seasons Oval, Reservoir Rd, Strathdale
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The great traditions of our club include a long list of Life Members. They are all listed here along with a description of why they were elevated to this exalted position.

We thank the individuals below for the significant contribution they have made to our club.

Jack Semmens (1965)

Gerry Gelly (1965)

Tony Bourke (1969)

Brother Gonzaga (1972)

Kevin Crawford (1974)

Gerard Sheehan (1977)

Pat Sheehan (1977)

Michael Bourke (1986)

Stephen Bourke (1986)

Brendan Keane (1987)

Phil Southby (1989)

Bro. Paul Murphy (1990)

John Brown (1993)

John Hecker (1993)

Richard Murphy (1993)

Michael Chalkley (2001)

John Neylon (2003)

Travis Ledwidge (2004)

Ben Irwin (2006)

Ben Smith (2006)

Dennis McCormick (2006)

Les Norton (2007)

Sean McCann (2007)

Andrew Price (2010)

John Hewitt (2010)

Geoff Findlay (2011)

Michael Prowse (2011)

Dom Taylor (2013)

Ben DeAraugo (2013)

Geoff O'Shea (2015)

Linton Jacobs (2015)

Elaine McCann (2019)

Loretta Prowse (2019)